Some of Our Client's Local SEO Success Stories and Case Studies..


Over 491 Overall Ranks Increased!

Through our local SEO strategy at Portland SEO Group we increased The Rooter Guys Plumbing ranks by over 491 ranks overall through different keyword targeting, on website search engine optimization and back link building. With out us their company would have never been found on the Internet and we are glad to have been able to help.



32% Increase in Search Traffic!

After doing some SEO consulting work with Cheryl about her competitive market, our team at Portland SEO Group researched her industry and begun on page search engine optimization and started to help her market her site each month consistently each month. We achieved a increase of 32% in her websites organic search engine traffic after 2 months.



Achieved Top Rankings in 4 Cities!

J.A. Bertsch came to Portland SEO Group looking for a search engine marketing strategy to target the 4 cities they provide services in. Luckily we knew exactly how to help. With in a month and a half they started showing up on the first page of Google in 4 cities for most of their services offered. Recently they expanded their business because of us.


Why Does Portland Chooses Us To Do Their SEO?

We Are The Greenest Portland SEO Consultants Around!

  • A Paperless SEO Business

    A Paperless SEO Business

    We are a paperless Portland SEO company and have a passion for reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. In fact our office does not even have a printer. All of our client based ranking reports are digital as well.

  • Platinum Leed Certified SEO

    Platinum Leed Certified SEO

    Our Portland SEO Firm is in a platinum Leed certified building in which 50% of our energy used is from a renewed energy source. We strive to be the greenest SEO Company in Portland because we care about the environment as much as your business.

  • We Travel Green To Clients

    We Travel Green To Clients

    Our Portland SEO consultants travels to meetings using the environmentally friendly ways such as public transportation such as the MAX, StreetCar, by bicycle and electric skateboards for the brave. We are all about being green to make a serious difference.

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