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The web now gives us access to many different views, studies, opinions, and idea are in every field that you can think of. While it’s great that people love to share their knowledge, it can mean that some misinformation gets spread about SEO and everything else under the sun. The web is now filled with SEO advice from unqualified (and qualified) individuals.

This makes it much more difficult for those lacking the experience and knowledge to sift through the information and take action to get their sites they traffic they are looking for. We do not want to be reading nonsense without even realizing it. Finding sources to trust and then verifying what they tell you requires eternal vigilance. We are here to provide you with some tips (Check our Blog from time to time) and point you in the direction of a few good quality SEO Companies from a few different cities that might be near you.

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Here are a SEO few myths that you can avoid and you will see them often:

1. Good content is all you need

Undeniably good content is a factor in ranking, however, if you rely on that alone you will be disappointed with your results.

The mighty Google has spoken and the top two rankings factors are content and links pointing to your site. Backlinks are still a necessity to rank; especially for competitive results. Simply put, the content that adds the most value to the user will give the most favor. Make it relevant to the keywords so that the user that follows the search finds what they might be looking for on your page.


Same applies for meta descriptions which act as the SEO equivalent of ad copy for paid search ads. Present a strong message with a call to action in your meta descriptions and optimize for the click.

Improving your titles and meta description can have a direct impact on rankings, and it can definitely get you more clicks to your site which is the end goal anyway.

2. Google dislikes SEO

Not true: Google likes SEO. SEO’s inadvertently help Google better navigate and index the web.

Google does not like people who try to manipulate their search engine or harm users online. Blackhat tactics (spammy links, non-relevant content, over-optimization) all of which create a poor user experience, Google frowns upon, and take action to penalize. Good SEO: creating amazing content and encouraging others to link to it makes the web better for everybody, and Google rewards it.

3. Keywords not important

Huh? Who even says this? What we mean is simple:

Google is using semantic search to understand the meaning behind the content, to anticipate and match the searches. A word like “strike” has as many as 250 definitions so what exactly might a user be searching for. What has been adjusted over the past few years is how matching one keyword per page with a focus on keyword density is executed. There should be a matching main topic with related keywords appearing throughout the page.

Good keyword research planning is valuable any SEO campaign. Targeting keywords with no search volume will do your site no favors. Keywords that are too competitive will leave you unranked for a long time. So Choose wisely.

4. SEO’s can guarantee rankings

This is an area of trouble. The reason being that a good SEO can get you the ranking that you look for. The question is the time that it might take and the cost. With so many ongoing changes to the algorithms, the task of SEO ranking has begun to take considerably more time than it did just a few short years ago.

Nobody has control over the SERPs which means that it’s all up to the algorithm. Sometimes companies will promise rankings and focus on keywords that have little value driving no traffic. No competition on Keywords can mean easy ranking. I can get you number one spot for a search like “Pink lady Elephant Waffles on the moon,” almost immediately. Because nobody searches it and that means it has zero economic value. Companies that guarantee quick rankings may be uninformed. If you are new to the field and looking for an SEO to do some work for you, expect several months, on valued keywords, to get your ranking to the place you want it to be.

Once you spend time doing some SEO you realize that not everything makes sense. You may have more backlinks, an older domain, perfect on-site SEO and be outranked.

Even still SEO is one of the best marketing options for your business and the ROI can be quick and excellent. Be careful of companies that promise quick rankings for a low fee. It can take time and money depending on your niche and the level of the competition in your market.



5. Outbound links hurt rankings

A study done by Reboot Online found that linking out to authority websites actually have a positive effect on rankings. They created 10 brand new websites: half had outbound links to relevant websites and half did not. Every single one of the websites with outbound links ranked higher in the SERPs.

Don’t be scared to link to relevant websites that add to user experience.

6. Paid links are blackhat and will get you penalized

Not true. A good link is a good link paid or not. What makes it a good link can vary greatly. Is the link relevant to your Niche? Is the site the link is coming from full of spammy links connecting to it? Has the site been penalized? Is it a do or don’t follow link?

A good idea is not to trust others to place the links for you in bulk. Link building software is also a bad idea as it becomes easy for the algorithm to track and penalize.

We hope this helps.